Plan Your Trip: Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

We are having so much fun exploring the area on winter break! Yesterday we visited Fossil Rim Wildlife Center which I hadn't been to since I was a kid. Here's what you need to know before you go.


Address: 2299 Co Rd 2008, Glen Rose, TX 76043 (about 1 hour southwest of Fort Worth)

Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM


There are two ways to see the animals. You can drive your own vehicle through the exhibits or you can schedule a guided tour. Guided and group tours need to be booked in advance and they recommend calling at least 3 days in advance. They are offered on the hour ALMOST every hour.

When I was a kid we did a self-guided tour. This time we did the guided tour. If you do the guided tour keep in mind there is no food or drink other than water allowed and the tour is 2 hours long! The vehicle we rode in seated 20 and had open sides and an open roof so dress accordingly. Make sure you take a bathroom break and have eaten lunch before you go as there are no breaks on the tour. The tour price includes a cup of animal food for everyone over the age of 2.

Self Guided Tours: Read all about them here.

Feeding the Animals:

Keep in mind cups of animal feed have an additional cost after admission and you pay per person to enter not per vehicle. The only animals you are allowed to hand-feed are the giraffes. All of the others you can feed by tossing food to or near them which was still a lot of fun. Some animals won't be interested in food, others will follow you around the park. A few animals are visible from the roads but won't be able due to their barriers to come up to your vehicle. Two of these animals are the cheetas & rhinos.

You can buy a small or larger cup of feed. The larger cups can be kept as souvenirs but the smaller ones must be returned.

Other Amenities:

-Children's Animal Center (Petting Farm)

-Gift Shop



-Education Programs

Make a Day of it! Nearby also in Glenrose is Dinosaur Valley State Park. We didn't have time to do both but you could easily fill a day visiting both attractions!


Fossil Rim did not provide us with free admission in exchange for this guide.

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